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Been at it for quite a while now. I started out in New York, then moved to Washington DC and kept at it. In the US I travelled the Irish pub and folk festival circuit - performing with the likes of The Clancy Brothers, Paddy Reilly (of Dubliners fame) amongst others. These gigs had me all over the eastern states from upstate New York, Boston, Chicago, Detroit over to Boulder and down to Florida, Atlanta, Charleston and Nashville. I also played a lot in DC.

In ’94 I moved to the Netherlands with my dear departed (not dead, just departed) wife and son and soon got into the German and Benelux circuits. I’m still at it and enjoying the gigs now more than ever. I’ve met some amazingly good musicians in Holland and we get together quite often to play the larger events such as Celtic festivals, Irish Tourist Board fairs, weddings and corporate extravaganzas. I also love to travel to Scotland and tour there with my great Scottish pal Jock the Box. He comes to Holland often and that’s a show you shouldn’t miss!!

If music was related to golf I guess I’d be on the senior circuit now - or the Champion’s tour as the Americans call it. My music reflects that a little as I tend to play a lot of good old 50s, 60s, and 70s rock but I keep an eye (with great help from my now 19 year old lad) on today’s hits. Of course I am fluent in Irish and Scottish ballads and sing-alongs and fell in love with bluegrass and country music when I lived in the USA. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that I have a pretty wide and all-encompassing repertoire - I tailor my shows to what the situation requires.

My main focus has always been to entertain and I particularly enjoy a bit of banter and contact with the audience so if it’s a fun time you’re looking for then maybe I’m yer man.

Keep reading and you’ll see my repertoire, my agenda, hear some of my music, find out about CDs and get a little bit more acquainted with me.

If you need any further information please feel free to call or mail. If I’m not hacking around a golf course I’ll be glad to talk to you - If I am I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Paul Martin  -  celtic music


My main stage guitar is a 1980 Martin D28 which I bought in Virginia, U.S.A. I also have a 1982 Takamine EN10 and an Eastman AC420 with AER dual pickup as backup. The D28 is fitted with a Highlander pickup and the signal is routed through a Boss tuner, 7-band EQ and an L.R.Baggs para - acoustic D.I. to a H&K Lucas 1000w audio system. I have a Mackie 1402 VLZ3 mixer and an Alesis reverb unit. I use a Trace Elliot acoustic guitar amp as a monitor.

I always use D’Addario medium phosphor bronze strings on all guitars.

Luthier Gitaren in Den Bosch is my guitar doc - thanks Chris!!

Paul - mobile phone:

0031 (0)6 46493650

Email - paulmartincelticmusic@gmail.com

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